Our clearly personal approach to your investment portfolio starts with near and far perspectives
Kades Cheifetz Financial

Investment Philosophy

Howard Kades and Steve Cheifetz Kades & Cheifetz practices a client-first philosophy. We invest the time to truly know each client, allowing us to customize the most appropriate strategy for your individual needs. Our approach can encompass the whole spectrum of your financial situation, from the broad view to the smallest details. We can collaborate and communicate with other members of your personal advisory team as needed, to help ensure that every factor is evaluated prior to our investment recommendations.

We begin by asking the right questions about your present circumstances and future expectations. We listen actively to understand your lifestyle goals and financial objectives, then chart a plan to help you achieve your vision and dreams. Proactive and reactive, we monitor your account and are available whenever you need assistance. As your needs change, we remain available to navigate through internal and external forces to correct the course as needed.

Our process takes careful consideration of your personal risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity requirements, and other concerns. As your trusted advisor, we work to construct diversified portfolios that allocate assets according to your risk comfort level. Your personal portfolio may be comprised of high quality fixed income vehicles, hybrid or hedging strategies, or equities, and may be periodically rebalanced to keep your allocation on target.

We believe that smart investing does not depend on overly complicated, confusing or expensive products. Our transparent process, developed over many years of experience, is designed to enhance each client's understanding of how their money is being managed. At Kades & Cheifetz, we take pride in providing sensible strategies and partnering with our clients, collaborating and communicating to empower personal decisions and to help ensure that each investor is knowledgeable and comfortable with their plan.

Financial Services

We believe that we add value by offering an array of expert financial services and objective guidance. Clients benefit from the convenience and personal service they receive in our care, as well as the oversight and integration we can provide when related financial matters are managed with consideration of investment portfolios.

  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • College Savings Planning
  • Employee Benefits Optimization
  • Estate Planning
  • Executive Financial Planning
  • Financial Goal Setting
  • Financial Planning
  • Insurance Review
  • Investment Analysis
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Tax-Efficient Charitable Planning
  • Tax Planning Strategies
  • Wealth Transfer Strategies

We believe we've earned our clients' confidence and trust with dedicated, independent guidance and attention to every detail. At Kades & Cheifetz, we always work to exceed your expectations.